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Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

Ini adalah software untuk membuat label cd atau sampul cd anda.. dan software ini sangat di rekomendasikan bagi anda yang tidak mau repot2 untuk design dengan segala pengaturan yang pernah anda temukan di software-software lainnya. oke ini dia review nya


Sure Thing Review
Sure Thing is the ultimate label making software. This software has many top features including thousands of templates, a track list manager and more to make label making easy, convenient and fun.

Standout Features

* Thousands of label templates
* Impressive set of design tools
* Very easy to use

Feature Set:

Sure Thing has more than 5000 design and paper templates. Some templates are completely designed, so all you have to do is plug in your information and you have a label in minutes.

The track list manager will automatically import the song titles and artists from the original source onto your CD label without having to type in the information. Simply click a few buttons and your song information is imported directly into your project.

This software will import images and incorporate them into your background design, which enables you to make photo collages and more personalized labels. You can also use some basic photo editing tools to add brightness, color and transparency to your design.

Design Tools:

Sure Thing has 5000 different background and clipart images, or you can design your own by importing images and photos.

The shrink to fit feature will allow you to shrink your design to fit the CD or DVD so your design won’t overlap another CD label.

You are able to change fonts by size, color and design to personalize your label. This software also includes your basic design options such as adding lines, shapes and using the crop tool. With Sure Thing you can circle your text, which is perfect for designing CD or DVD labels.


Besides plain CD and DVD labels, you can make mini CD labels, labels that look like records, and more.

Some label making software does more than just CD/DVD labels; however media labels are by far the most popular and in high demand.

Ease of Use:

Sure Thing is pretty much self explanatory. The icons have basic, easy–to–understand images and alt tags. There are also 19 tutorials that guide you through each step and aspect of this software.


Sure Thing responded to each email within 24 hours with helpful responses. There are international and US phone numbers for customer support. Find answers to basic question in the online help, FAQ and tutorials.


Sure Thing can have your CD and DVD covers looking eye pleasing in minutes. Users with any level of experience will be able to keep up with the professional by using this fun, easy–to–use software.

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